Thanks to Ruth Reynolds I still have my thyroid. Six months ago my doctor told me I would need to have it removed. I had hyperthyroidism and it was making me feel really ill. Surgery was the only option he said. I came to see Ruth who made some changes to my diet and put me on some natural supplements. It was hard work sticking to the diet but it was well worth the effort! Not only did I avoid surgery but I feel so much better in myself too. I can't thank her enough.

Anthony, Brighton

I'm so thrilled to be able to report back and tell you I've reached my goal of losing two stone. Thank you so much for all your support during my weight loss journey, couldn't have done it without your diet plan, advice and support.

Lucy, Hove

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased and delighted I was to find Ruth Reynolds in my search to find some comfort for my 85 year old mother. Ruth has turned my mother’s life around from despair to one of intestinal comfort and regularity. When I first spoke to Ruth; I told her my Mum was going to be a real challenge! After intestinal surgery three years ago my Mother was in continual discomfort and pain. The NHS doctors would prescribe more and more laxatives; to the stage of being on at least 3 different laxatives a day, and was then told that there was little else they could do - they said the bloating and griping pains were something she had to live with. I thought that was how Mum was going to have to live for the rest of her days.

Ruth spent the time to listen to my mother, (really listen), and then worked out a program of supplements that would not overwhelm my aging mother, and gradually and gently changed her daily life into one that became comfortable and then regular. Ruth came up with an excellent program and kept in touch with my mother and myself by email between scheduled visits, enabling her to tweak her prescribed regimen regularly. Mum had her last visit with Ruth last week; leaving my Mum on one natural food supplement a day, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Gill, Peacehaven