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Diagnostic testing

I use diagnostic tests to help clarify exactly what the problem is and ensure that the right course of action can then be taken.

Tests can also provide added reassurance that a course of action has been successful.

Testing is very simple, I arrange for a kit to be sent to you at home. After taking the sample, you simply return the kit to the laboratory for analysis either in the post or via courier depending on the test.

The tests are very quick and simple to do. Full and clear instructions are given.

Costs for tests are not included in the nutrition consultation fee.

Some of our most popular tests are listed below. Get in touch for the full range or for further information.

Get in touch for more info
Discounts available for multiple test orders.
Gut status: candida, yeasts, moulds, bacteria, stool pH £107
GI Ecologix: complete microbiome and 7 GI health markers £359
SIBO breath test £165
Food intollerance blood test From £111
Intestinal parasites £64