Ruth Reynolds

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Hi, I’m Ruth and I help people with digestive problems and weigh management issues feel like their old selves again. I love what I do and enjoy nothing more than helping someone resolve a niggling bloating or IBS problem and feel comfortable and energised again.

Many of my patients have tried and failed many times to address digestive issues or weight problems. Sometimes medication hasn’t helped or possibly made a digestive situation worse. Often patients have tried drastic or faddy diets that have left them feeling a failure because they couldn’t stick to them or they haven’t worked.

It is time to draw a line under the past and make a fresh start. I’m here to help you with healthy eating ideas that are easy to follow and simple to fit into your lifestyle. I’m a busy mum of twins so anything with too many ingredients or is complicated to make doesn’t get eaten in my house either!

It isn’t always easy changing eating habits you’ve had for a long time. So I’m here to support you and guide you through the process. I will teach you how to eat nourishing, freshly prepared food that will support your health and help you get back to your happy weight or feeling like your old self again.

Check out my nutrition packages to see how I can best help you or call me for a complimentary chat to find out how a nutrition programme can help you.


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Client feedback

I came to see Ruth because I knew something wasn’t right with my digestion. She took the time to really understand what the problem might be and confirmed it with a stool test. I’ve had to work hard to keep on track with the diet but it has been really worthwhile - I feel so much better now and have got my energy back. Highly recommended.

Nick, Fiveways, Brighton