Consultations are completely confidential and conducted in a supportive environment to really get to the root of your health concerns.

The initial consultation will take a detailed look at all aspects of your heath and your goals. Advice will be given on how to use nutrition to support your health. Simple steps, fact sheets and recipe ideas are used as appropriate. I look at your lifestyle to make sure any suggestions fit in with your day-to-day activities and family life.

My philosophy is to heal the body with nutritious food where possible. Supplements can occasionally help provide nutrients where there is a deficiency. Some health conditions also need extra nourishment in the short term. I use the Natural Dispensary for supplements as they support all brands so I am not aligned to any one company. When supplements are required my patients receive an electronic basket via email containing supplements specially selected for them. The patient can simply click to order. A discount of 10% will also be applied. When ordering your own supplements visit and enter the code RAR010 to receive the 10% discount (note they are zeros not o’s).

What to expect

The first appointment will involve a detailed discussion of your past and current health status. It will also focus on your main health concerns or goals. A detailed questionnaire will be conducted to build up a full picture of your health which will inform the nutrition programme.

A personal nutrition plan is then developed. We will work together to ensure it is tailored to your specific needs. It may include alternative food choices, methods of cooking or recipe ideas as well as how to incorporate the diet into your own lifestyle.

The need for subsequent follow-ups can vary according to the condition and will be agreed with the patient as appropriate. I provide a number of packages which make multiple consultations more cost-effective.


  • Initial consultation:
  • Follow up consultations:
  • Food diary analysis: £50
    (results and discussion by phone)

Digestive balance package

    • A one-to-one consultation to discuss your symptoms
    • Supplement programme recommendation (cost of supplements is extra)
    • Diagnostic testing advice
    • Food diary review and personally tailored diet plan
    • General health and wellbeing review
    • 2 x follow-up appointments


Weight loss package

  • 3 x one-on-one consultations
  • 3 x motivation catch-up phone calls
  • A food diary review & personally tailored diet plan
  • A top tips for weight loss leaflet
  • General health and wellbeing review


Real words from real people

I came to see Ruth because I knew something wasn’t right with my digestion. She took the time to really understand what the problem might be and confirmed it with a stool test. I’ve had to work hard to keep on track with the diet but it has been really worthwhile - I feel so much better now and have got my energy back. Highly recommended.

Nick, Fiveways, Brighton